The method was developed by Roman Snezhko in 1998 and teaches a stutterer the basic speech skills. This teaching method created in the 21st century is completely different from anything the mankind has ever known. This is not a miracle but a science of the new millennium. This method is based on the natural laws and rules discovered by Roman Snezhko that are still unknown to the modern science. They show the cause of stuttering and other diseases like schizophrenia, stress, obesity, and myopia in a very clear and concrete way.

These diseases are considered to be incurable by the modern medicine, psychology and speech therapy. All of these diseases are caused by the disorders in the human memory. Faulty programs in the human memory lead to a stupor. And as a consequence, the stupor leads to the chronic stress and various depressions. As it turns out, the stuttering is not a disease and has never been one. Speech is a skill that is formed and developed from birth. If it has been wrongly developed or the ability to speak has suddenly been lost, people start to experience fears when it comes to talking. They start to be afraid of saying specific words and try swapping them with other words. They try to avoid the difficult words in their speech at any price. But it is absolutely impossible in most of the speech situations. This pointless attempt to escape words only strengthens the stupor and all the fears associated with it. Then the fear begins to spread onto the specific situations and specific people, where it is virtually impossible to avoid the usage of difficult words and sounds.

The fear starts to grow and it spreads like a snow ball, because the stutterer doesnt understand that the cause of his inability to speak is the lack of the basic speech skills. The stutterer also doesnt understand that it is absolutely pointless to fight with stupor or to try to cure it. He is sure that the stuttering is caused by some damage to his brain or is passed on to him genetically.

Doctors and the speech therapists tend to confirm these suspicions and make stutters accept these false beliefs. But the true reality is completely different. The human speech is a skill, and the skill cannot be sick or passed on hereditarily. Therefore, the lack of skill cannot be cured or healed by any type of treatment. Imagine a doctor or a healer who tries to heal a simple skill. For example, a skill to ride a bicycle, or some other basic skill like walking, playing a musical instrument or drawing. Speech is a skill that is consciously developed and perfected by people during their lifetime. Nobody is born with the speech. Nobody starts speaking on his own. Babies start speaking by copying the speech of adults. Children that grew up among animals cant speak. These are scientific facts. People learn how to speak in their childhood and continue to use and improve their speech throughout their life. If we, for example, will take any person be it a doctor, a speech therapist or anyone else and put him in some other country he will instantly become unable to speak, because he doesnt speak that countrys language and doesnt have any basic skills associated with that language. He will have to learn how to speak that language from scratch like the babies do. Will anyone ever think of curing or healing him from inability to speak a new language?
But the doctors and speech therapists try to heal the speech, whereas it is just a skill. A skill cannot be cured by any means known to science be it medical treatment, operation, physiotherapy, some electronic means or hypnosis. A skill can only be developed by constant, natural and simple practical exercises. Stuttering is a lack of skills to speak smoothly and without spasms (without stupor). Stuporous speech is also a skill. But this skill is unnatural and pathological, and it has been developed due to some circumstances. No stutterer has spasms when he is not attempting to speak. This means that it is the conscious attempt of a person to start speaking that causes spasms. Thus the stutterer himself causes the spasms. Doctors and speech therapists think that the spasms happen on their own and dont depend on the will of the stutterer. This is a basic misunderstanding of the stuttering problem. This is why no method can give a guaranteed result. Doctors and speech therapists cant establish a clear cause for stuttering. But the cause is very simple its a stutterer himself and his inability to speak! It is this inability to speak that causes this spasms phenomenon. This spasms phenomenon is what the medicine calls stuttering.

Doctors and speech therapists dont realize that the stuttering is caused by the stutterer himself, as he lacks correct and natural speech habits, and the correct skills for using his organs of speech. Thats why they are talking about healing or curing. But the speech is a skill and, therefore, cannot be either healed or cured. This is an obvious truth that was overlooked by doctors. They try to find the cause for stuttering in many wrong places genes, brain, post natal traumas or stress. But the real reason is as simple as the reality itself. It is inability to speak like the rest of the people do. It is also inability to use the organs of speech. The use of the organs of speech is similar to playing a musical instrument like a trumpet. Learning to use the organs of speech is even easier than learning to play a trumpet. I need only 3 calendar days to teach anyone how to use his organs of speech. It is very easy, very simple and very pleasant. Being able to speak is being able to produce any desired sound and any desired combination of sounds.

I, Snezhko Roman, am the only speech teacher in the world. I give a 100% life-time guarantee to any stutterer that his speech will be fully and finally normalized for the rest of his life. I will teach you how to use your organs of speech at any time and in any place. I will also teach you how to develop and perfect your speech in any language much more efficiently than the rest of the people can do. Speech is a skill to produce sounds using organs of speech. Therefore, attempts to cure a skill are absurd, which means that all the methods that are used to cure speech cannot be effective. They may temporary create an illusion of normalization of speech, but more often can severely damage a nervous system. Neither any speech curing method nor any untraditional healer can give a 100% guarantee.