English speakers have now a chance to get a new life without a stutter.

I am pleased to announce that we open a registration for the first Snezhko seminar in Moscow for English speakers. I will be present there along with Roman Snezhko. The first seminar will be held in Moscow when we have a group of 4 people who register for the seminar. The seminar will be held over the weekend. So, anyone wishing to attend can send me a personal message and get all the details about the seminar cost and the contact details.

You must know that there is no magic wand. When you register for the seminar you should realize:

1. This is NOT a cure, but a TEACHING how to speak FROM SCRATCH.
2. You are responsible to DO EXACTLY as you are shown, without arguing with Snezhko. You have to copy exactly what he does.
3. Payment is due in full on the first day of seminar.
4. You must be serious about becoming a new person with a new speech.
5. You are prepared to talk all the time during the seminar, and be responsible for your speech doing exactly what you are told.
6. You are prepared for the hard work during the 3 days.

What Snezhko offers:

1. A life time guarantee that there will be no drawbacks if you follow the Ringtone Technique AT ALL TIMES.
2. To TEACH you how to talk if you want to be TAUGHT
3. Snezhko guarantees that If you follow the Ringtone Technique you WILL NOT have a stupor, if you do not follow it you WILL have a stupor.
4. You will start speaking normally IMMEDIATELY when you follow exactly what Snezhko does
5. Senzhko will be available after the seminar any time for any questions you might have. If you "forget" how to speak Snezhko will immediately remind you how to do that.

Anyone wishing to register MUST understand the conditions of the seminar. Those who have ANY doubts or don't fully understand the conditions of the seminar are advised either to seek more information on this forum or NOT to come, because it will be a waste of time for everyone.

I wish you all the best. And remember - there is NO CURE for something that is not a desease. A stutter is not a desease. It's a lack of skills. And we are going to teach these skills to anyone who is prepared for serious learning and hard work. These 3 days WILL change your life.

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